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  1. Well the 5V supply for the parallel interface didn't fix all the problems. After a bit of cable swapping it turns out that one of the motor driver boards is faulty.
    I can get a spare from Hong Kong for about $12 but it's $45 for postage I've got a few gecko G250 boards that are currently unused so I'm going to substitute one of those instead, I just need to make up a PCB to mount it on. [I do have a Gecko G540 and I'm tempted to give it a try if it will get me cutting sooner!]
    Mechanically, all axis move smoothly enough but I've know way of telling if the ball-nuts have any/enough grease in them. There's no grease nipples supplied and the construction will mean I'll have to almost completely disassemble each axis to grease it. At least the rails are easy to lubricate.
    I still need to source a suitable aquarium pump for the spindle as the supplied non-submersible pump doesn't look as if it will last long.
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    If you bought it, use it as it is worth nothing sat there doing nothing?????????????????
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    My Isel is 25 years old and re greased it recently! Avoid car grease, it will spin off the screws and just fling everywhere (car bearings are relatively loose). I was lucky and got hold of a 2 litre pot of grease from work specifically for ball screws. You need a grease that is for high load applications because the balls in the bearing are probably pre loaded and you don't want the grease to squeeze out. Mine have no nipples, I just wiped the screws and ran them round a bit. A significant reduction in noise! I just looked it up though, ISOFLEX NBU15, and it's £48 for tiny a little tube!!!!!! I suppose I'd better take the "borrowed" tube back! There must be cheaper equivalents though I'm sure.
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