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    I see there are machined and not machined ballscrews, what's the difference ?
    'Machined' means the ends of the ballscrew have been turned on a lathe. This is to create a smooth and accurate cylindrical surface to attach the bearings and coupling. The ballscrew will not be accurate if the bearings are just placed on the threaded portion of the screw, if indeed they fit there at all. So in short, yes you do need end machining.

    If you get the ballscrew from linearmotionbearings2008 on eBay the end machining is extremely cheap - just a few .

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    OK, thanks

    Well.. doing some research for my timelapse track project I foud this:

    I think this answers me a lot of questions... Now I'll start to hunt the materials. I received this morning the Arduino controller and did some tests controlling a stepper motor (from an old scanner), a DC motor (with PWM) and a hobby servo (not modified yet)

    I got the 1m rail & bearings, but it's too heavy for the timelapse track. I'll leave it for the X-axis of my CNC table ;)

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    splendid :tup:
    love the shot at night with the tree and the stars, im tempted to build my own on the strength of that shot alone

    im looking forward to watching this one develop

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    Note on my advances in the timelapse slider project:

    Materials gathered so far:

    1m length of IGUS Drylin W aluminium extruded rail. Rail diameter 10mm, width 80 mm
    1x 100 mm carriage
    2x T5 pulley 30 teeth
    2m T5 timing belt
    1x continuous motion high torque servo

    1x Arduino UNO board
    1x Motor Shield (though I probably will make my own servo controller)
    1x mini joystick
    1x I2C 16x2 LCD display

    1x 12v sealed lead battery 3.3 Ah

    1/4" aluminum rod
    1x 1/4 BSW 20tpi Tap (that's the thread used for tripods)
    1x 1/4 BSW 20tpi Die

    2x limit switches from microwave oven ;)

    I hope to have time this weekend to start the design of the servo mount...

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