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    OMG they look so so cool

    thank you Jonathan

    Luke is in bed but I will show him before he goes to school


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    Luke's going to love watching the machine for the first time !

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    Luke has just seen them and said wow are they for my CNC

    can't wait until Wednesday,Friday and Saturday to start fitting them.

    Luke said "tell Jonathan thank you please dad"

    So on that note Jonathan thank you from Luke

    James & a big smile on his face Luke

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    Now I've had my wings clipped

    I'm not aloud to do any CNC work without Luke

    so you will have to wait until Wednesday and Friday for up dates

    sorry but Luke and MUMMY has spoken

    but I would like to say

    Jonathan you are a god yes god and not good

    as Luke said it he is to good and dad can we do that with our CNC


    yes son but not just yet, lets get the machine working first ??

    Jonathan again a big big thank you

    You have made my son very happy and more to the point thirsty for knowledge

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    At long last some parts have turned up.

    post office has gone south in my view

    but Jazz one out of two items have arrived and Luke would like to say thank you in his own words and in his own hand writing.

    so he has written you a short thank you letter just to prove that it is a father and son project

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you Luke for the nice letter. Tomorrow I will remake the missing Jigs and send them first class recorded so they don't go missing again.

    James would it be ok to make them from thicker 19mm material so long as the step and hole locations are the same.? I'm struggling with thinner material.

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    thank you Jazz that's fine


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    Have you mounted the gantry yet? If so why no photos!

    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Tomorrow I will remake the missing Jigs and send them first class recorded so they don't go missing again.
    What are the Jigs for just out of interest?

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    Hello Jonathan

    I've not done a lot to the CNC machine over the weekend as we where looking a schools for Luke, plus I have two wedding this weekend so I will try and get some photo's up this week as we did strip out a computer ready for the drivers.

    The jig is just a location jig for the Y-axis supported rails as I want to make sure they are true and square on the extrusion I also had to have some m10 T-nuts made as the supplier of the extrusion only go up to m8 plus you had lot's and lot's on your plate and with going back to University I didn't like to ask you to do more before you went back.

    How are you doing anyway Jonathan I've not heard for you for ages and ages??

    I am waiting for some 10mm round bar to help attach the 50x50 extrusion to the gantry sides I will come over not this weekend but next weekend if that's OK

    James and Luke (Luke has a thank you card and gift for you just to say thank you(Bless him)):tup::tup:

  10. Jonathan just looking at your nut mounts you have done, nice job i might add.. but i looks like you could do with a de-buring tool, cleans them edges up a lot nicer then the good old file.

    Just a thought ;-)

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