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    Quote Originally Posted by AdCNC View Post
    Jonathan just looking at your nut mounts you have done, nice job i might add.. but i looks like you could do with a de-buring tool, cleans them edges up a lot nicer then the good old file.
    Those pictures were probably taken before I de-burred them...either that or I forgot to do it! I've never got one of those tools as I didn't know if they were actually good, or just a gimmick, but since you've recommended that one I guess it's worth a try.
    Generally to de-burr aluminium parts I use the edge of a steel ruler - probably not good practice but it's effective. Similarly if it's a hole de-burr by hand with a drill that's bigger than the hole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    I've not done a lot to the CNC machine over the weekend as we where looking a schools for Luke, plus I have two wedding this weekend so I will try and get some photo's up this week as we did strip out a computer ready for the drivers.
    I see.

    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    The jig is just a location jig for the Y-axis supported rails as I want to make sure they are true and square on the extrusion I also had to have some m10 T-nuts made as the supplier of the extrusion only go up to m8 plus you had lot's and lot's on your plate and with going back to University I didn't like to ask you to do more before you went back.
    Ok, that's true. I think I've got some spare M10 T-nuts as I made a load for my rotary table. Migh be M8, bit late now anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    How are you doing anyway Jonathan I've not heard for you for ages and ages??
    Er... fine I suppose. Not so much to do now I'm back at University! I've just started continuing my (quite) high voltage stepper driver design/prototype as that's something I can do here.

    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    I am waiting for some 10mm round bar to help attach the 50x50 extrusion to the gantry sides I will come over not this weekend but next weekend if that's OK
    That's suits me. By waiting do you mean have ordered or will order soon? If it's the latter then maybe don't bother as I will almost certainly have some.

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    Well after a long long week

    LUKE has broken his foot now

    So I have decided to crack on with the CNC machine

    Now the frame is true and square (spent all day Friday doing this) fitted ONE side of the gantry side to my ballscrew but I have some binding on the other side (about 5mm out)

    My rails are square and parallel but the gantry still refuse's to play. One side hits the end of the table and the other is around 5mm off (I can force the other side to meet the side at a right angel) but this is not right (every fibre of my body says "no, its not right") but I am all out of ideas

    I am going to look at the bearing today to see if they are mounted correctly (all facing in the same direction) would this throw my gantry out of square??

    I am at a loss to where things have gone wrong??

    Does it matter if the bearing are pointing in the same way ??

    The only two ways I can get the X-axis to run true is to force the right side over by about 5mm or have the table out of square

    Ive just taken some images of the machine and its now only out about 2mm
    So I think I was over reacting and it was just crabbing

    But I think I would still like a second opinion

    any way here we have Luke striping out the old computer (sorry but Luke is in a bad mood :twisted::twisted:(tired me thinks)) not one smile and he told me not to take any more photo's of him

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMGP1176.jpg 
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ID:	4726 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMGP1174.jpg 
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ID:	4727

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMGP1177.jpg 
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ID:	4725 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMGP1175.jpg 
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ID:	4724

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMGP1180.jpg 
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Name:	IMGP1181.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMGP1184.jpg 
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Name:	IMGP1179.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMGP1182.jpg 
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Name:	IMGP1183.jpg 
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ID:	4719

    do you like my drives two Bosch drills :naughty::naughty:

    today I'm going to tap my M10 T-nuts and start mounting the Y-axis


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    it shoudnt matter which way round you mount the bearings. Keep up the work, your doing well. Can you post a photo of where the parts dont meet so we can get a better idea of whats happening?
    How do you manage to synchronize the bosch drills:heehee:


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    Thank you Ian I couldn't do it with out help from this web site and it's friendly members

    Here is the two images of the x-axis bearings they should be in line but as you can see the right one is not tight to the MDF (about 1.5mm gap) But I can move it by hand.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMGP1188.jpg 
Views:	122 
Size:	182.0 KB 
ID:	4731 this is the left side

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMGP1187.jpg 
Views:	156 
Size:	174.8 KB 
ID:	4732 this is the right side

    Is this just crabbing or should it be in line as It's not under any load ??


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    The joint where the 6" wide plate bolts on to the back of the gantry would have to be perfectly square for the gantry to also be square. The distance is so great that the angle on those joints doesn't have to be out by much at all to get 1.5mm out. Also I'd be amazed if the frame is actually perfectly square, so using it as a reference could be misleading. The other thing is the position of the X bearing mount plates and hole positions - they could be slightly out too. All these tolerances stack up, so it's hardly surprising to me that there's a 1.5mm error ... don't worry about it.

    If in the end the machine still wont cut square there's ways round it. If it's not much at all then you can position the X-home switches so that mach3 bends the gantry very slightly to square it when it homes. Clearly that's a bad plan if it's out by a lot as it would put a lot of strain on the structure and motors. You can also compensate in mach3 by using 'formulas' which enable you to make one axis a function of another axis. So you just put X=mY in the X formula box where m is the measured gradient / error. The difficult bit is measuring the error to start with as there's no straightforward reference.

    Quote Originally Posted by Web Goblin View Post
    How do you manage to synchronize the bosch drills:heehee:
    Maybe he's using the steppers as encoders to provide feedback...

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    Thank you Jonathan
    I feel a lot better now did you get my email?

    I think the slight whip on the 12mm gantry support rail is not helping, I should be flat when both extrusions are bolted up to it. I was quite surprised when I offered the extrusion up to it and had to G clamp to get it flat.

    all going well but I don't have a M10 starter tap, so I will have to get one in the week.

    So a change of plan for today's work I'm going to mount the drivers in the old computer case

    after I tidy my workshop/garage up (what a mess but not as bad as yours Jonathan:rofl::rofl:)

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    did you measure the diagonals of your bed to make sure it was square? Its not out by alot.
    If you are interested in taps I have some for sale at the moment. Pm me if you are interested.


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    You're welcome to borrow taps from me... but long term you might want your own anyway.

    I got your email, thanks.

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    Thank you for the offer Ian and Jonathan But I have just bought some from ebay

    I have a kit tap but it has no starter tap

    yes the diagonals are spot on and all the material for the CNC machine has been digitally cut by the supplier


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