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    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    looking good
    Just what I was thinking :)

    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    WHAT DO WE DO NEXT :question::question::question::question::question: :question::question: of the gantry? No idea really, I just did it in any order - gantry first and then the bed etc, but only due to space and it being the most interesting bit! I would get the ballscrews mounted before fixing the rails to make sure they don't cause binding.

    I hate to mention 'health and safety', but I've often heard that you shouldn't wear a glove (or any loose clothing) whilst using a pillar drill as what if the glove gets caught on the chuck ... ouch

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    you beat me to it. DO NOT EVER wear gloves when using a drill. If any part of the glove, even a thread, catches in the chuck it will pull your hand then your arm round with it.
    The only gloves I ever wear are the thin nitrile ones so that my hands dont get oily. These rip very easily so wont cause you any problems.


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    I agree but

    that is what they teach him at school, and I don't know any better?? what am I to do??

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    you could always point them to this link

    If you scroll down to the section on drilling machines you can read their advice.



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    I think you should complain. Surely they should know better? Even if the drills are not powerful enough to do a lot it's still just wrong. I approve that they do DT in year 6 (or year 7?) as at my school it only started in year 8... but we did go straight onto using the lathes and milling machines :)
    The head of department reckoned first years were too dangerous!

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    he's already had a year of DT and made a puzzle use a dremel and carved his name in MDF they are using drills, scroll saws, pillar drills and hand tools

    I hope to turn him around and do things the right way and the safe way


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    they have gloves for this and that

    smocks and boiler suits ( all with gloves and long sleeved arms)

    and not once have I had to supply glasses we have to supply glasses for science
    gum shields for sport and a full cricket kit including box and sun glasses even sun tan cream

    I think I will inspect the DT department


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    I've heard it repeated by rote so many times that you shouldn't do it but so long as you wear the correct type they don't easily get caught. Also, if you don't put your hand in the chuck or bit then it can't get pulled in.

    I've been wearing gloves with heavy drilling machinery for 22 years, as they are mandatory in my work. You DON'T want any fabric or stretchy palms, our gloves are nitrile-coated non-stretchy palms and elasticated back. With about 60 employees drilling every day I have never seen a problem related to gloves catching and our drill extensions are covered in stillson burrs.

    I always wear gloves when drilling with my bench drill as I don't like getting my hands cut or burnt. For your lad, you could run the belts loose enough to turn the bit but slip if there's a foul-up.

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    It's been almost a week... how far have you got?

    I've done the rest of the brackets.

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    Hello all I've been away for a long weekend but back now

    I did add the new brackets before I went away but I am waiting for new bolts to arrive I should be ordering my drivers, break out board, power supply today and at the week end my spindle 2.2kw water cooled vhf.

    I am waiting for some aluminium for a bracket (Jonathan) I will send you the drawing if that's ok, I will supply material if you just give me a price for milling it please.

    next week end I will be buying the rest of the aluminium profile to finish the bed and gantry so with any luck I should be ready for wiring it up in October :heehee::heehee: I really can't wait to start playing with the machine :naughty:

    I will post some more images this week and even maybe a Video

    work to do this week
    fit new bolts to brackets that Jonathan has made (twice because I made the drawing wrong (radius in stead of diameter, I really f#### up)) but they will be used some where
    fit ball screw to one side, but drill and tap both side's
    fit stepper motors to x-axis
    finish supported rails
    add bed support rails 45x60 profile

    James and Luke:rofl::rofl:

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