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    Well i finally bit the bullet and bought a cnc router as i needed it urgent.I was in the process of collecting all the bits to build my own. These are now surplus to requirments and are as follows:

    4 off lengths linear bearing shaft solid steel 25mm dia 1m long
    8 off SC25UU 4 hole linear closed bearing blocks to suit the above
    2 off Ballscrew 16mm dia with anti backlash nut fitted 1062mm long 5mm pitch
    1 off Ballscrew 16mm dia with anti backlash nut fitted 362mm long 5mm pitch
    2 off 8mm to 8mm rigid coupelings
    1 off 15-T5-21 Timing Pulley 15 Teeth 8mm Bore
    1 off 50-T5-21 Timing Pulley 50 Teeth 8mm Bore
    1 off T5 Timing Belt PU Steel Reinforced 100 Teeth
    2 off lengths linear bearing shaft solid steel 8mm dia 400mm long
    4 off std linear ball bushings to suit above
    1 off aluminium tooling plate 700x700x25mm thick (this was for a very strong bed)

    All the above excluding the alluminium tooling plate cost me 580.91 and the ally plate cost 240 so all in 820.91
    Ideally i would like to sell to someone that can collect but at a push i may be able to send but could be costly. I am after selling all to one person. This could have made a much better machine than i have just paid 2 grand for but the lack of time forced me.
    I would like to get at least hald of what i have paid make me an offer otherwise it will be going on ebay. Cheers by the way im located near Gatwick airport.

    the datasheet for the ball screws are here

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    Hi, I am looking to build/buy a cnc router. Are these still for sale?

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    Is there anything left?

    I am here:,-1.517420

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