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    I can now view it thank you

    cool machine you have there


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    I have ordered some today ready for when I'm up and running


  3. OK, let's just recap here. Are single flute cutters to be preferred over 2 flute (or more) cutters when it comes to working with hard woods such as oak?

    We mostly do detailed (depth 5-10mm) v-carving and flat bottom clearance in small areas and therefore the feed rate rarely seems to get up to max' rate because of the stepper motor acceleration and de-acceleration times; feed rate typically 300-500mm/min.

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    Hi Karl,

    I am certainly no expert on cutters, just an ordinary user. I do earn a bit of money cutting stuff, mainly aluminium but also wood, MDF and plastics. I bought this single flute cutter because of its "good looks" and when I actually tried it (many weeks later) I was stunned about its performance.
    As I take a lot of knowledge from the forum I thought I give a bit of info back as I am sure that some will profit using these cutters. As mentioned, I now can easily cut aluminium on my home made router as before, with whatever I tried, the results were not impressive.
    You will have to try one for your application to see how it works. I made a nice holder for my collets in a "hardish" Australian timber, some kind of a redwood. And it worked fantastic.

    I buy these direct in China as I visit there quite often
    but am not sure if they sell direct to outside China or what is the minimum quantity. There are also a few shops with the product on EBay and yes, there are high quality ones for a lot more money too. I regard the cheap ones as throw away's but never actually did throw one away yet. So far I made around 200 liters of chips with just a 4mm and a 6mm one.

    I published the video's as I realized that I make big words and needed to back it up. I will make another one cutting off a 1/2" aluminium plate with a 6mm cutter in one go at 100mm/min (4"/min). All I can say is that I could not do this with any other cutter I have tried and I paid top dollars for famous brands. Not even close. Just give them a go and I am confident it will work just fine or you can use it for something else.

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    Added one more video, cutting 10mm (3/8) aluminium bar stock with 6mm cutter at 100mm/min (4"/min). I do not want to risk to break the cutter so I cut quite slow. Did cut some parts in 1/2" aluminium in one go at 4"/min, no problem at all. Surfacing leaves a beautiful texture because of the center dome.

    I have excellent results in acrylic, MDF and ply. Just finished my new vacuum table for my small router (2'x3') and will try to make a video with the different materials.

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    just added a small video cutting 12mm ply.

    This is the same cutter as I used to cut aluminium on my Syil X6. The finish is amazingly clean despite the high cutting speed. I usually do not cut this fast, only about half the speed you see on the video.

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    Here's a video of the 6mm single flute on my router:

    I think that was 1mm depth of cut... I now use a bit more at the same feedrate.

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    are you cutting dry ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackburn mark View Post
    are you cutting dry ??
    In that video yes I think so. Now I tend to put a bit of coolant in the slot after each pass as it helps, especially on a small part where the heat otherwise just builds up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    In that video yes I think so. Now I tend to put a bit of coolant in the slot after each pass as it helps, especially on a small part where the heat otherwise just builds up.
    i find it a bit of a dilema when cutting small slots... adding coolant tend to make the chips stick in the slot so theres a lot of re-cutting of chips going on or cut dry and clear the chips with a bit of air

    i cut acetal dry and use WD40 in alli like you say, a couple of dabs on each pass..... watching your vid has me thinking that it may be worth me trying to cut alli dry more aggressive than i do so the chips clear themselves and forgo the coolant, it might be interesting to see how long one of these cutters will last cutting alli dry

    the voice in my head tells me it will all end in tears but without a bit of science i guess we would still be eating bananas

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