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    If you don't mind me asking what is your total build cost? And your estimated final build cost?

    What is you're cut area?

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    Cutting Area is A3. with 100mm Z

    Supported rails, ball screws, mounts, spindle, VFD, Bearing Blocks, Ball screw nuts, 530 incl P+P and Tax

    Nema 23 motos: 81.60

    Stepper Drivers: 45

    Breakout board: 17.98

    Power Supply: 35

    Aluminium and Water Cutting: 331

    Various screws from Screwfix 25

    Pump and accesories 15

    Steal Subframe and feet, 18

    Can't think of what else of the top of my head. My budget was a grand that my Nan gave me.

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    Even with those cheap drivers I would expect higher acceleration than you are currently using. Keep increasing the acceleration setting until either it stall or the machine shakes about too much, then back off a little to be safe. Aiming for something like 500-1000mm/s^2.

    If you put a cable tie round each stepper motor that'll stop the plastic wire guard things snapping off.

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    All i have done in mach is set the step per mm to 40 and set a speed of 2mps. I haven't even messed around with anything else so I will be doing that when it's all together.

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    So, I've finally got it all together.

    I turned on the power supply for the steppers, then the VFD, turned the spindle on and the entire machine shakes, the Spindle is making the Steppers step.

    My guess is to move the pc as far away as possible? wrap everything in tin foil :P? I'm using SY Cabling.

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    Jes Have you got the wiring earthed ?? and the machine earthed ??


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    Make sure the CY cable shielding is all earthed at just the driver end. Connect the earth wire from the VFD via the spindle wire to the spindle body/Z-axis. Also earth the machine frame.

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    Things to check.

    Check VFD Shield wires goto ground, VFD is one of the few execptions where it's ok and even recommended by some manufacturers to ground both ends of the sheild.
    No signal wires, so steppers,estop etc run along side VFD cables or even along side any power cables.
    Don't cable tie signal wires together or along side power wires.
    Use a Star grounding in control box.
    Double check all connections for lose wires, Esp the earth.

    Does it only do it when spindle starts or when you actually turn the VFD on.?

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    only when the spindle starts to turn. I just took out all of the cabling and wired up just the Z axis in a different way, and It's working fine now :)

    must have been a bad earth.

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    It's all working :D!!!

    but it's too late to do anything :(

    big thanks to 2e0poz and i2i, Couldn't have done it without you guys!

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