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    m_c ... looks like we're of the same mind - our last posts are virtually identical!

    My mill has about 0.45mm backlash on X and 0.3mm on Y and it's no problem when using the machine manually. You just make sure to if it's a bigish cut lock the slide that your not moving, and when you move that slide to the required position compensate for the backlash by approaching the point in the same direction. You will also generally want to use conventional, not climb, milling.

    Quote Originally Posted by jcb121 View Post
    you can lock the slides? D:

    annoying when you are on your 3rd attempt of work and the line you are doing suddenly turns into a nobly line.
    Look for some thumbscrews that apply pressure to the gib strips to lock it. Don't move the other screws on the gib strips ...

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    Also ramp milling is essential when dealing with large amounts of backlash.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0099.JPG 
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    now just another two to do! fun times.

    I had to borrow a tap holder from school,

    I2I, the tap holder I had wouldn't even tighten on an M6 tap!

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    So, mounted my rails on my bit of alu, also mounted the screw as well

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0109.JPG 
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    the ballscrew isn't perfectly central, off by 3mm or so.

    but it's going pretty well.

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    Holy Batman what's this? an epic thread Resurrection?

    Yes, I abandoned all hope of making a CNC machine myself. My equipment just isn't accurate enough for my perfectionism.

    So, I've dropped in the big guns.

    The frame of my CNC is being Water cut, I have just paid for it, so it should be coming X-mas time.

    I think if it comes X-mas eve I may wrap it up and give it to myself as:

    1. I'm not getting many presents this year

    2. See above,

    So hopefully there will be an update here soon! and a proper one, Not like this.

    Merry Xmas all.

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    good because I was going to send you a email asking to buy it off you cheap:rofl:

    Have a good Christmas


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    Ok, Finally got my stuff from the water Cutters and it's PERFECT!!

    The frame is just resting together ATM, need to get two M6 nuts and mount the rails properly. The ball Screws should be in there tomorrow and the electronic sorted out over the weekend.

    From a pile of metal to the photos above took about 30 minutes! so nice and quick :D

    The company that did the water cutting was called Yorkshire Profiles.

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    Yes jess

    that looks really nice mate I wish you good progress for the weekend I'm looking forward to seeing it finished


  9. Well done. Good to see it coming together and best of luck with the rest of it.


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    Ok, So i've mounted most of the bits, all I'm missing now are the stepper holders and the spindle mounts.

    Also, What kind of wiring do I need? This will be used for my Steppers, Spindle to VFD, and generally all the wiring.

    Thanks, Pics soon.

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