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    So I may buy one of these 1.5kw spindle with VFD for 220 ish


    My question is, how do I power it? do I just hook it up to a plug and go?

    I have no clue about electronics!
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    At 1.5KW you can power it directly from a 13Amp plug and it should be fine. When wiring the spindle motor to the VFD use a screened cable and make sure it is grounded at the VFD. Dont run it until you have the cooling running or you will wreck the spindle motor. Personally I like to have the cooling water running before I start the spindle and also to have it keep running for a short time after the spindle stops. I have the 2.2KW version which will be fitted to my build and I am using an old Lincoln electric welding cooler for the job. If I can manage to get back into the shop to get it finished that is!


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    I got the 2.2kW one as it takes ER20 collets, so will take 1/2" cutters (up to 13mm). The 1.5kW spindles only take up to 10mm cutters ... something you may want to consider.

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    I think the 2.2kw is three phase however I did email him about this spindle 1.5kw and he confirmed it was in fact 2 phase

    Jonathan is your 2.2kw 3 phase ??


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    oops sorry it was the 0.8 kw

    here is the link


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    If he confirmed it was 2-phase then he doesn't know what he's talking about...

    The 0.8kW, 1.5kW and 2.2kW VFD's can both run on single phase or 3-phase. The reason this works is the current is immediately rectified and stored in capacitors... so the number of phases does not make too much difference. To run on single phase you just connect the live and neutral to any of the 3 connections.

    The output of the VFD is 3-phase as the spindle is a 2 pole, 3-phase induction motor. So in a sense mine is 3-phase...
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    Also, this on is marginally cheaper and with best offer perhaps significantly cheaper?


    They do vary in quality though ... there's a good thread on CNCzone about it. Er11 collets take up to 7mm, so you'll obviously be limited to 1/4" router cutters.

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    this is the reply i received

    2 Phase 220-250v。

    - linearmotionbearings2008


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    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    2 Phase 220-250v。
    That's fine - he means single phase, two wires. I'd no doubt get it wrong if I tried to tell someone in his native language!

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    I really don't care about collet size! as long as it spins and chips away metal.

    it's either this, a Kress or Bust for my project!

    I shouldn't even be buying this :)

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