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    OK, I just mentioned to spindle in passing as it is pulse width sensitive.

    Just download the latest version to check and it's impossible to have different pulse widths setup for different axis.

    It doesn't matter if you have 15 power supply's or driver, you only have one copy of Mach.

    The pulse width setting I'm talking about is in Config > Motor tuning. Step pulse which is slightly to the right at the bottom of the screen. Any alterations HAS to have the save setting button pressed then OK
    John S -

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    Short video of z axis motor stuttering.. Turn the sound up and you will hear it 'jumping'...

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    Hi John..

    All 3 axis are set to 5 pulse for step and dir..


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    You can only see the video if you are logged in to fazebook.
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by fasteddy View Post
    Hi John..

    All 3 axis are set to 5 pulse for step and dir..

    OK so we are on the same page here.
    I know you can't swap axis over with you having 34's on X but can you set the 752's to a lower setting and put them on Y and Z to check, this will eliminate the step 3 board.

    PM sent
    John S -

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    Thanks John..

    Best idea yet, have been eying up the board with my most suspicious glare and wondering how to check it... Just need to figure out which is step and dir on the driver connections..


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    On which driver, the step3 or the 752 ?
    If you get it wrong you won't blow one, it will just do one step everytime you change direction.
    John S -

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    Okay... Seems its my system 3 board so I need a new breakout board and a pair of 2.5amp drivers... Anyone out there got these lying around? Have 2 SY60STH88-3008BF 3Nm nema 23 motors to trade, had about 100 hours of use each..?

    Will post these on the classified section of the forum along with various spare bits I have if no-one comes forward...

    Good to get to the source of the problem at last, I suppose having rechecked everything 3 times at least I can be pretty confident its all sound (except the board of course)...


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    Might the System 3 board be fixable?

    I'm tempted by the motors as I've used the ones from my milling machine on the router. I can make you a breakout board, but that's not really worth two motors ...

    What motors were you running on the 2.5A drivers? If it was the 3Nm ones you would be better off running them on 4.2A, in bipolar parallel ... with two PM752 drivers (or equivalent, there's cheaper ones on eBay) added to the power supply I did for you.

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    Hi Jonathan..

    Whatever I get, needs to be very cheap and very quick, wasted so much time and really need to get on with a few things.. Will look at getting nice shiny bits next month..
    John pointed out that my uploaded video could only be seen through facebook, sorry, that was my first uploaded video so have done the one below through youtube.. Hope it work better..


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