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    The machine is on ball screws and has a travel of approximately 800 X900. I am a little reluctant to start gutting the machine just yet as its cost me a lot of money to get it up and running to this stage. I bought it about a year ago working and when I got it home I couldn't get it to do anything. Eventually after much exspense I took it back to the chap I bought it of and he got some electricians in the unit next door to look it over. They dicovered a loose wire in one of the limiter switches. So at least it moves on the jog buttons now. It came with a old Pc running CCI Clever Cam in DOS but I've never managed to get the 2 to communicate.
    In hindsight I would have been better following your route new drivers etc from the start, but as I've already spent an additional 500 on top of the 2800 I paid for the machine to get it this far, I'll give it a little longer before I get the big screw driver out.
    The daft part is I only want the machine to do a few signs and 2d carving so nothing complex.

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    Don't think I can offer anything else at this point, they look to have a unique system and a web search found someone in Israel with one and he was having similar problems which did not seem to get resolved.
    John S -

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    Thanks for your time. I will give it a little longer to see if I can get any joy out of Sei, but I guess I will probably be back in the autumn looking for help with my big screw driver out !

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