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  1. Well Y and Z axis are up and running and responding to both jog and direct co-ord's input. Working on tracking down why I am not getting lock on the A and X axis screws and hopefully will have video of a full functional unit later this afternoon. As it is 5m/min is rather impressive and the machine does not shimmy at all. Need to design some cable guides for the Kress cable that will also serve for when I up grade to a spindle. Tracking down wiring gremlins is not fun what so ever at all and even though I know I tightened wires properly they seem to find ways of getting loose. Keeping at it an hoping to be done with this part soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by m.marino View Post
    As it is 5m/min is rather impressive and the machine does not shimmy at all.
    Things that small which weigh the same as a small car tend to NOT shimmy.!!. . . . . . They just try to TIP the shed over.:dance:

    When you do get the X axis going don't try going straight to 5mtr/min, twin screws setups tend to need a slight safety margin to be sure one motor doesn't stall which can really screw the gantry up bad.
    With 5mm pitch screws your near max rpm and less torque, your gantry ain't over heavy but it ain't light weight either so tread carefull when your approaching 5mtr/min. If you don't need 5mtr/min then I'd say back it off just for good measure.!

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    Great Build! If you don't mind me asking what is your total cost? And can you break the cost down to parts? And suppliers?

    I really love this build, all the best today!

  4. Well Folks,

    It is late tonight and much chasing the Gremlins. It runs and is zeroed on all axi'. I will get some video up tomorrow afternoon or evening of it running out the test pattern I am going to be using to see how it handles different speeds. As Jazz suspected, when the gantry comes to a stop from speed the shop shimmy's a bit. Currently have gotten Y and Z ups to 3500mm/min no problems and Y an additional 500mm more without me getting to nervous (at 1250mm^2min acceleration it moves fast). I am tired and going to bed.


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    Fantastic I expect thats a good tired. Look forward to seeing the beast in motion.

    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)

  6. Well Folks here is the promised video of some of the Test bed running I did today. This video takes it up to 4m/min run speed going in 500mm/ step ups from 2500mm/min start. I do not have video of the 5m/min run I did after that as was very careful with that one as did not want anything to wrong so had one hand on the e-stop and the other checking as able to do safely to insure nothing was over heating. Already have done a light tightening of the belts as was expected to be needed. I am going to be ordering the HDPE tomorrow for the cutting area bed and also a surfacing bit to surface it with (any suggestions up to a 8mm shaft would be useful (don't have 7mm collet but do have 1/4"). Then it is cutting jigs and parts. I will be posting more video as able.



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    More fun than a train set eh! Well done Michael its looking good. I will pop in during the week.

    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)

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    Looks good Mick I'm please for you now start making money to buy a water cooled spindle


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    :dance::dance::dance: No sweeter sight than seeing a machine come to life :dance::dance::dance:

    Only wish I could have been there to see the BIG CHEESY smile on your face.! . . ENJOY. .

  10. You got that right Jazz.:naughty: As you know from talking to me. Well folks at an acceleration of 1250 mm a velocity of 6.25m/min was safely reached yesterday. I have ordered an bottom trim from Wealden Tools (Ouch) which will give me a 35mm surfacing ability wit up to 12mm depth. Have ordered some nice micro plunger switches from RS and will be ordering some HDPE for the working bed and making jigs with, also a small section of acrylic or something reasonable in price, rigid and machinable to make the front and back plates for the control box (thanks Bruce it is working a treat). :dance:


    I am more then glad to let you know the materials that went into this machine. The problem is I got some prices on material that where one offs and I thank the folks who help me get them as it is allowing my business to stay in business and even do more than originally planned.

    The Extrusion is ITEM and I can get you their price list, the Aluminium is from Ali' warehouse, ballscrews and mounting blocks and rails are from Chai off ebay (linearmotionbearings) Current power supply is on loan from Jazz, with the final being built in house. The Stepper motors are from Gary at Zapp and are the Nema23/4 3Nm ones. Spindle currently is Kress 1050FME and will be upgraded to a 2.2kw watercooled when possible. Current Bob is an older model PCPPS (v2) from Roy at DIYCNC. Drivers are three on loan from Jazz to be replaced by the same as the 4th which will also most likely be from gary when the time comes to get them (soon the better to get the bigger ones back to Jazz). The final BOB will be from pmdx and will be a version 126 or what the current version of that model is and once able to afford it a motion control card of smoother stepper (the ethernet based model). X axis rails I believe are also from Chai via James and Luke who kindly let me have them off them for the cost of postage as they made a change in their design and did not need them.

    So to all who have helped with this project, my deep and heart felt thanks. I will add to this build some more as I progress and as it develops into its final form. I am extremely Happy :dance: at present and finding ability in this machine that the old one does not hold a candle to.

    Best wishes to all on your projects and hope things are well in your lives.


    PS there is more video just go to the one that shows the 4m test and you should be able to link to the 6m/min test.

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