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    aghh ! I hate metric ! LOL !

    I surface mine at 120IPM, which I worked out should be approx 3M/Min for comparison, but mine seems to appear to move faster, than yours in the vid, so I was wondering if I got my translation wrong.. Although......, now I think about it....., I surface manually with the jog keys, so it would be 180IPM, which is approx 4.5m/min ?, which would explain why it seemed faster ! doh!!!

    sorry ... as you were .... :)


  2. Well,

    Taking note from Bruce. My machine is now fully up and running minus the new power supply which is taking a bit longer than expected to get done (want to make sure I get it right). I have had a few minor issues crop up, but other then that it is running very well and cutting any material I have asked it to (Aluminium is no problem now just messy). I will be getting the design for the ducts collector shoe from Bruce and will be fitting that. Will trying out a few other materials over the week and will post in a different thread as this build is done with the afore mentioned exceptions.

    I hope folks can learn from it and again a big thanks to those who helped as not only do I have a machine that does everything I needed when it was built but even more (which means things I did not think of can and have come up can get done as well).


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