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    here is the link and bearings I was talking about

    when are you intending to build you CNC machine ??


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    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    here is the link and bearings I was talking about

    when are you intending to build you CNC machine ??

    Even these wont be good enough for what micheal needs james, they will be strong enough but not really accurate enough. These are better suited for wood routers thou do have there issues, namely crap getting on the steel surface causeing sticking etc.

    Really what micheal needs is a milling machine or a very substanial frame router.? Given the small size think actually better would be a fixed gantry moving table design, could be made much stronger allowing for better accurecy. . . . thou Under stand he's trying to upgrade an existing machine so his restrained by what he's already got.

    Personaly Micheal I think your on a very very fine line financialy between not being worth the trouble of upgrading and going straight into building exactly the machine best suited to your needs.
    Honestly I feel that by the time you have invested money on profiled rails, upgrading cheap lead screws with dumpster nuts and stiffening the chassis and all the other stuff you'll have to invest into getting this machine something like near the accrecy you would like, which I also feel you will never achieve anyway with this type of design. Then you'll be much better advised to not waste time or money and go straight into building the new machine. . . . Also think time wise it wont take you much longer.!!. . . you'll spend so much time chasing and tweaking the old machine a new build could be done in about the same time.? . . .Obviously if the finances are available.

    Sometimes it's just better to cutt your loses and start a fresh.!!

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    Ok Jazz

    How much would it cost Michael to have profiled rails for the X-axis for his machine


  4. James thanks for the information. For the most I am rebuilding/building this one. Cost wise, I am having to keep it as under control as I can. The rub is this is the tool that i make a good bit of my busines from. Okay, what do I make? Chromatic harmoinica parts (custom combs, mouthpieces, and such), parts for the no longer made and Hohner pitched the tooling for them in 1985, Harmonettas (Google it, they are really nice pieces of kit, and Yes I am the Mike/Michael that makes the gaskets for them), repair parts and upgrades for Bass/Chord Harmonicas. Parts for concertinas.

    This way folks can understand what the accuracy issues are. Right now doingsome rework after listeningto you folks and thanks. Beofre the bearings went I was getting mouthpieces, covers and combs out of the mill without a huge amount of waste (was still making profit). The kicker is that the biggest feastival for harmonicas is the end of the month and I have order from my US distro and clients. I won't take orders if I can't supply product directly (ask a serious harmonica player about Henderson harmonicas,wear earpplugs). So I move forward as able and thank the Lord funds are coming together to do a sort of rebuild (less of the original then new) That should do the job a whole lot better and keep doing it longer then I will need it to (meaning that it will pay for the next one to be built).

    Once this is all done and past I will put up potho's of some of the different parts that I make.

    Again folks thanks for all suggestions and hope you are doing well. Oh, one bright point the anaerobic antibotics they finally put me on to clear up a long standing post op infection are doingthe job and I am getting a lot of energy and focus back so give praise where there is reason.


  5. Well folks,

    work and payment recieved have come together to allow me to get the pieces together to buil the model I have below. Support round rails ordered (Thanks Jonathan for challenging my idea and sorry JAZZ for not contacting you first). The rails and 2 of the carriages will be coming from Jonathan. The other 4 carriages and two rails for Y axis JAZZ has helped with me getting. DumpsterCNC anti-backlash nuts ordered and in route via post. Just need to get a hold of JAZZ on cutting and where to have the metal sent to. Also need to get a hold of m_c for the modification on the pieces that are here.

    JAZZ or Jonathan (Heck anyone with more experience then me) please speak up on anything you might see wrong with the design. NO, not all bolt holes have been put into the model yet. Yo uwould be surpirsed how much time doingthat and making sure that there is no conflicts and enough Metal to grab. No the motor mounts are not all present and the gear i put in the top of Z keeps vanishing.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Gantry for Wee Beastiev5d.jpg 
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Size:	72.1 KB 
ID:	4740

    Thanks for all the advice and will get pic's up when all the pieces go together.


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    It's just occurred to me that your gantry has very poor torsional stiffness. Normally that's not a problem as with two ballscrews it can't twist, however with only one nut in the middle when the cutter is near either edge of the bed the gantry can twist causing deflection. Given the tolerances you require that could cause problems. You're essentially only relying on the joint between the gantry back plate as sides, so I'd be inclined to reinforce that. The rail mount blocks will help...also don't remember what joining the bottom of the gantry sides, that will make a difference.

  7. Well,

    Thanks to a Large amount of help from JAZZ the stress and pressure have been relieved greatly. Now finishing up a redesign that I have been working on with JAZZ and hope to start working on getting all the pieces to him for cutting soon. Additional good news is that linearmotionbearings on flea- bay has FF/FK support bearings for RM1605 ballscrews. Still going with the single central ballscrew and given the level of reinforcement going into it, I doubt racking will be a problem. right now looking at seeing if removing some of the internal metal (creating a web like effect) could be done to decrease weight while keeping stiffness up where it needs to be. Outside of that busy with work and another convention this weekend North of me (Luckily only going for one day as have too much to do to afford all three days of the event).

    Will post pictures once I have something worth looking at done (Have most the structure done just adding some finishing touches but want it right first).

    Off to bed as up way to late and going to pay for it.


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    Ok Michael and Jazz your item has been posted today 10th November with a tracking number of


    James and Luke

  9. Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    Ok Michael and Jazz your item has been posted today 10th November with a tracking number of


    James and Luke
    Thanks James and Luke. That is going to help make a very ridge Machine. Folks I have to give a very deep felt thanks to both James and Luke as they gave me the rails and all I had to do was pay them for the postage. They have helped me greatly and I thank them greatly for that help.


  10. Okay,

    Update on the machine design and build. Design has been finalized with Jazz and materials are coming together. Rails from Luke and James have helped greatly in the moving forward portion. After working up all the different cost of items, the direction was given to go with twin X axis ballscrews as that was actually cheaper with the resources we have to get the parts. Plate has been ordered and paid for; as have the ballscrews which should be shipping here shortly. I will post a JPG later of the finalized design and should have a full model with bolt holes and everything for folks who find it an interesting design.

    Now comes the prepping the space in the shed for it foot print of 677mm by 1200 not including the X axis stepper motors which I need to buy one more of those to have a full set. I will be currently using the System 4 set up I have from DIYCNC but will be moving to a higher voltage set up once funds allow.

    Cutting area is looking to be 850mm (X) by 355mm(Y) by 150 to 175(Z) Depending on bed height. Bed at first will be MDF two piece configuration (Thanks for the idea Jazz) and I might change over to HDPE or Acrylic (as currently the price of a piece of Ali' that big is scary let alone getting the slots milled into it).

    Outside of that it is a bit of prep and waiting time for me as Jazz who is helping with this project is getting the materials to him and moving forward as able. I have a lot of work as well as getting instrument finished for clients and models and G-code for projects done.

    Also reading up on VaiCAD (Looking at getting the handbook printed for ease of use) and reading up in the user manual of Mach3 as finally getting to properly read and start understanding all it can do which is huge.

    So watch this spot as JPG of model soon and updates of progress as they come along.


    PS sorry for the ramble.

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