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    ball screw

    how is the bearing supports attached to the ball screw

    the thin one goes on the end ??
    the thicker bearing support goes on the stepper motor end ?? and the threaded nut keeps the bearing in place

    I would like to know if this is correct


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    Yes that's right. The threaded nut (never seen a nut that's not threaded, except the edible variety!) clamps the inner ring of the double angular contact bearing to the screw. The purpose of this is to eliminate axial play in the screw, though strictly speaking double row angular contact bearings have some clearance so it's not perfect.

    The other end has a single standard bearing to support the end of the screw radially and allow it to expand/contract due to temperature changes.

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    it's just that they are really tight so I will have to use a rubber mallet ?? is this normal


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    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    it's just that they are really tight so I will have to use a rubber mallet ?? is this normal
    No, sounds like the end machining for the bearings might be a bit oversize. Don't use a mallet as that will damage the bearings unless you can only hit the inner ring of the bearing... could try heating up the bearing to make it expand a little. It would be best to measure them with a micrometer first just to be safe as you don't want the bearing to get stuck half way.

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    I will bring it with me when I collect my brackets to see what you think if thats ok


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    Yes that's fine, we can measure it and try another bearing in case it's the bearings at fault.

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    cool thank you so so much


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