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  1. There are loads of places on the net that sell C7 ballscrew but im after something with a better spec.

    Any body know anywhere local?

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    Just out of interest what do you need it for?

  3. A very accurate mill im building. c7 will not do :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdCNC View Post
    A very accurate mill im building. c7 will not do :D
    I see ... I'm expecting to see an extremely rigid machine then, otherwise it's not worth it.

    You could consider calibration to compensate for the inaccuracy in a C7 screw. Mach3 allows you to do this in a couple of different ways...

  5. I dont use Mach3, The machine is being made out of solid steel :-) So rigidity is very high. Machine is powered by servos!

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    That sounds generally awesome! I'm sure screw calibration must be available in EMC.

  7. I dont know about EMC as i use USBCNC

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    Oh, fair enough. Don't think that can be calibrated, without writing your own program to edit the Gcode... which is tricky.

  9. I can supply C5 and C3, but it is not a stock item.

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    Marchant Dice have rolled C5.
    I can remember in the distant past finding a site that listed far more ball screws, but can't find it now.

    Any more details about the mill?

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