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  1. Going parallel means the inductance is lower, so the driver can push the current through the phase quicker and run the motor faster.
    This also means you dont need as much voltage either.
    If you dont need the motor to spin fast, then go series.

  2. OK, so in terms of wiring a motor bipolar-series versus -parallel, what does 'fast' mean?

    My problem is that on occasion my motors lose steps when motoring round a corner (X to Y travel transition) - motors drive a compound table.

    Motors: SY60STH88-3008BF
    Driver: PM542 @ 1,600 pulses per rev, 2.37A(Peak) [1.69A(RMS)]
    Supply: 43V
    MACH3 motor config': 627 steps per mm, 500mm per min

    If the motor data sheet gives bipolar-series 2.1A and bipolar-parallel 4.2A are those currents peak or RMS?
    Given above settings, should I wire the motors Bipolar-series or -parallel (and why?) to, presumably, get the maximum torque within my desired 0-500mm/min operating range?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl View Post
    there seems to be a suggestion that bipolar parallel would be better(?).
    If you look at the graphs, wiring in paralel doesn't actually give you a big torque speed advantage. OTOH, experience shows you will get a lot more heat that needs to go somewhere.

    Consider where you will dump that extra heat.

    As I understand it, any flaws in the soft iron motor lamination act as little, shorted out, single turn, transformer coils. When you switch the motor windings you generate "eddy currents" around those flaws which heat the lamination. Halving the coil inductance boosts the eddy current heating.

    Some reckon that the gain ain't worth the pain.

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