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    Looking for help in finding material for 3D carving,
    Sign foam seems to be what am looking for but too expensive just to have a play.
    found high density urethane materials in the US a fair prices but no luck in the UK
    If any one can point me to any alternative materials to try would be of great help

    Also a Hard finish coating would be a plus

    thanks in advance for any input

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    go to diy store and get some polyeurathane foam for house insulation

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    Quote Originally Posted by johngoodrich View Post
    go to diy store and get some polyeurathane foam for house insulation
    I was going to suggest that. Two part polyurethane foam is good as you can just make a box the right size, work out the mass to mix to get the right density and fill it up. You do have to be quick, otherwise this happens:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You can get it in decent quantities here:


    I keep meaning to get some myself for prototyping.

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    its basically the same stuff just already in a shhet with foil glue on that you can just pull off. the shhets come in up to 6" thick nd you can glue them together and cut with wood saw

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    I use these Panel Systems in Sheffield, I buy the precut foam in the attached link. It's not the cheapest way to buy foam but it's handy as it comes in a 2ft x 2ft x 1ft box that protects the foam. It's easy to store and will keep me going for years.

    They may have denser foam in 2ft x 8ft sheets, but this grade suits me.


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