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  1. We are offering a 10% discount on all orders placed online from 12AM Friday morning till 12AM Monday morning.
    you can use the voucher code 043138 in the checkout to get the 10% off your order.

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    Last day to get your orders in guys !

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    If only I hadn't just spent all my remaining money on a holiday!

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    If only I hadn't just spent all my remaining money on hiwin profile rails!

  6. What profile size you gone for jon?

    ive just placed an order with gary for some hiwin stuff as well.

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    I went for 15mm, same as the stuff at Zapp. I got two 760mm rails and two 1150mm rails, with 10 bearing blocks all brand new from someone in Germany for 400 euros. Hope it arrives!

    I will only need 8 blocks (don't think having 3 per rail will make much difference?), and I can only have the Y-axis 950mm long. That means I'll have two 200mm rails with two block going spare...cutting them could be entertaining.

    What size did you go for?

  8. I went for 20mm rail i only ordered 8 blocks but need 12 so i have left gary a message on his answer phone requesting 4 more.

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