1. There is sample from some chinese web site: SB rails:
    "SB series of standard lengths and sizes we can provide the toilet paper to provide you with the required length and size, saying only that the slider. This series of linear guide unit, but also customized according to customers required length.Machinable length 6000mm, 6000mm or more can be docked"
    other one:
    "guide precision can be divided into three kinds, walk, combination dimension accuracy and precision paired heights or width of mutual error.When using please note: slider and slippery course is clingy and fixed on a table or bed sets, take care to avoid and slippery course or slider interference occurs"
    Fun, isn't it?? :rofl:
    Just wonder what kind of support non chinese speaking customer will receive if there is some problem eg.with CNC machine???Toilet paper can be a solution:lol:

  2. Dont you just love Chinglish :)

  3. #3
    Well, it's better than my Mandarin!


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