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    Build thread here. Gonna post Most recent pics in the morning due to light in the room

    All wiring is tidied, spidle has speed control and is on a switch on the front panel.

    It DOES need somebody to make the spindle 100% functional from the PC.

    X znd Z are fully controlable from Mach3 and EMC2.

    Comes with a few extra tool holders and the requrired tools for it!

    I need a Small to Med size Desktop mill/router with an A4/A3 size bed/movement.

    Im up for a direct swap if anybody has such thing

    other than that Make me an offer on this before it goes on Ebay to the trolls


    my number is 0782525512

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    I ment TCL lol

    anyways, as i said here are the pics


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    Will take 400 this week on here, then it goes to ebay



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    Hi, I am interested.
    Will you ship it?
    Do you have the tailstock?
    What is wrong with the spindle exactly?
    What is the distance between centres on it?

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    Hi, Ship it to where. it is very heavy (75kg) give or take a few

    i never got it with a tail stock but to be honest im not sure you can get them, but i may be wrong

    the spindle is fine, just needs fine tuning with the 0-10v and the tacho sorting (wiring to an input), but it turns on a switch and has speed controle.

    i will measure the distance between centers in a bit but i think its about 140mm

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    I didn't realise it was that small, I will have to pass on this one, sorry.

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    sold thanks for looking

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    I would like to buy this. Can collect. Please contact me for details.

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    Sorry did,nt see the last post

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