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    Hi, Im new to the world of CNC, but trying to learn the basics of it. Im planning to build my own little CNC machine. All the electronics are in place, stepperboards, motors etc. But now Im trying to get the metall parts... Hopefully I have a machinepics soon :o)

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    hello new guy & welcome

    tell us a little more about your self .............come on don't be shy..........we don't bite............ much

    why is it people don't give there name ??

    what size CNC machine are you planning to make
    what is your budget
    what will you be cutting on your machine

    these all make for a good conversation

    James & Luke

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    Hi James & Luke

    Tanks, my name is Eivind, 34y. currently i work for one of the oilcompany here in the Faroes as oilburner service/repair. Before that i worked in a radio repair shop.
    The machine im trying to put to gether will be about 90x40 cm with a budget of about 700-1000 to cut wood and light metal

    best regards

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