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    I have a converted X1L for sale

    it has lead scews on x and y and ball on the Z
    3 speed pulley system for 4000rpm with remote spindle control
    Proxon high speed spindle mount
    clamping set
    brackets for counter weight
    3 sided machine enclosure
    230oz steppers on XY
    300oz stepper on Z
    4 X 4.2amp motion control drivers
    48v DC power supply at least 10 amps
    additional 12V and 5V DC supply in enclosure
    C1 CNC4PC breakout board
    Rack mountable enclosure with PC fan cooling

    Very capable machine, used to machine alloy / steel and PCB work

    Rapids are 400mm/min XYZ
    Travel approximately 300x120x200mm from memory.

    thanks matt.

    Example parts can be seen on www.revdesign.co.uk

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    hi, Any pictures of this machine?
    What sort of money would lift it?


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    Here are a couple of pictures,

    I did not have chance to clean the machine up before the pictures or take images of inside the control. The machine has been unused since i finished the convertion of my new machine.

    I was looking at 800 ono for everything listed.

    Thanks for looking.

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