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    Мотор водяного охлаждения OBL29/19 (2375)пойдет под er11

    Mod Note: Translated: Engine cooling water OBL29/19 (2375) will go under er11
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    Quote Originally Posted by sergey View Post
    Мотор водяного охлаждения OBL29/19 (2375)пойдет под er11
    Пожалуйста, говорите по-английски, поэтому мы можем понять вас.Онлайн-переводчик должен быть достаточно, спасибо.

    I think he's trying to point us to this: http://www.amazon.com/Thunder-Tiger-.../dp/B007KMZ6V4


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    Hi guys, I know this is somewhat of an old thread but I registered on this website because of it. I am looking everywhere for those C10, ER20, 100L collet chuck but I can't seem to find one... only found the 50L version and it isn't long enough for the outrunner I bought. I will try reusing this 50L somewhere else, but I need a 100L and was wondering where to get one? I'm trying on eBay, but I can't seem to find any, must be because I live in Canada...

    If someone knows where to buy one new C10-ER20-100L collet chuck, please reply to this post, or if you own one and are willing to ship it to me that would be awesome! Thanks a lot and I hope I'll be able to make this DIY since it mimicks exactly what i've been looking to do

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    This is an ER16 collet chuck, I need an ER20 collet chuck, but thanks silyavski :)
    I found some after searching through the posts here but had to modify the link for my region (canada) because it wasnt showing up

    Here is the link, for those interested in Canada (might work elsewhere too, but wasnt working for me with a .com.uk):

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    That's the seller I bought mine off....arrived quickly if I seem to remember correctly.

    Build log...here

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    Quote Originally Posted by njhussey View Post
    That's the seller I bought mine off....arrived quickly if I seem to remember correctly.
    Yup, that link was from you, I just modified the .com.uk to a .ca because it wasnt working for me. I hope it doesn't take too much time to arrive here :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackburn mark View Post
    hi neil, sounds like youll have no problems with the project

    id be tempted to go with an ER11 C8 with a little less overhang


    if you compare this with the one you linked i think youll know what im driving at... it may make little diffrence when cutting balsa but when aiming to cut ali every little bit of stiffness you can gain will help (i have cut ali with mine)

    iv used cheep skate bearing in my ER C8 spindle... iv used belleville washers to put some tention between the two outer races.... i havnt had to change them yet but it only gets light use

    if you dont put any tension on those skate bearings the balls will skid and self destruct pretty quickly

    Attachment 4771
    the layout is not to clear in this picture, youll have to let me know if you dont get it
    What is the orange motor name?

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    Hi there,
    I'm a complete novice with CNC and aero motors and speed controllers. Does anybody know the bits i'd need to order (motors, KVA and speed controllers all a bit of a puzzle) in the UK that would enable me to build something like this?
    Thanks in advance

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    What you trying to cut? This will influence what KV motor you use etc...

    Build log...here

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