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    Hi there,
    i'd like to be able to cut alluminium but also softer stuff like plastics and wood. Do you think it could be suitable for steel also? i thought it would be too weedy?

  2. You'll never get one spindle to cut everything. Steel needs slower speeds, typically a few hundred rpm up to a couple of thousand, what it really needs is torque and lots of it! Wood and plastic on the other hand need higher rpm and feeds. You're best not thinking about steel on a router and just buying a mill if you want to do steel. In all honesty you're better off buying a 2.2kW water cooled spindle for just under a couple of hundred quid which will do all you want with consument ease...I've got a home made brushless spindle and I've not bothered using it. I will do on something but not sure what yet...

    If you still want to make one then use a feeds and speeds calculator to work out what speed and power you want for the materials you're wanting to cut and then look at something like a 5565 brushless dc motor (look on hobbyking) 170kV to 270kV outputting approx 2kW coupled to a 100A ESC.
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    Cheers Neil,
    Exactly the kind of info i'm needing

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    Hi guys, sorry to "revive" this thread, but I would like to know if somebody has been able to control this kind of spindle (outrunner with an ER collet) with an Arduino UNO to be able to achieve precise RPMs? As this would make it much more practical for the kind of use I want to make out of it... if so, how did you achieve it? Would it bother you sending the line of codes / diagram / pictures / videos or anything else to show what you did and all that? I am a newb when it comes down to electronics and really want to achieve this ! Thanks !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by totts View Post
    I use a comtroller from
    Everything I try to go to on that site asks for a password, is it still live?

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