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    I would appreciate some advice.
    I am on the look out for the following items, a pillar drill and a welder for home and hobby use. I donít really want to spend too much but the welder needs to be capable of welding 4 or 5mm steel.
    It has been many years since Iíve welded, so what do you use or would recommend?


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    I got an arc welder from Aldi which was very cheap. Think it was £30, maybe £35 and claims to be 160A.
    I've only used it to weld my router frame and practice, but it seemed fine to me. The thermal cutout is a bit annoying, but didn't activate too often when welding 3-4mm.
    If you're going to use it a lot I wouldn't reccomend it, but for one off jobs it's good considering the price. I reckon if I added a bigger fan it would be fine...

    This is it, a lot more money here though:
    There seems to be a lot on eBay...second hand?

    I think Chip will be able to give you better advice on welding...

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    You can also make your own welder very very cheaply with microwave oven transformers. Remove the 2KV and heater secondary windings, and replace it with the right number of turns of some very thick wire.
    I started making one but soon after spotted the one at Aldi.

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    Jonathan, I wouldn't trust myself to even attempt to make a welder.
    I think I'll look around for one like your link it should do what I need as its only for the frame of my router (if I can get a quote back for the steel).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    I started making one but soon after spotted the one at Aldi.
    Hmm. A voltmeter attached to the workpiece and to the stick will measure (approximately, considering voltage drop etc over the length of the stick) the arc voltage when in use. Could you electronically sense when the arc kicks in and the welding starts, in a way that would allow a computer to effectively control stick distance from the workpiece?

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    as you only live in Coventry you could borrow my welder if you want You would have to buy a mask gloves and gas for it but you are welcome.

    and after I've finished my cnc drilling you could borrow the pillar drill


    we live in rugby :)

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    Thanks for the offer and I'll keep it in mind, but I need to start replacing all my tools as someone helped themselves to them all.

    It good to know someone lives that close if I need advice. By the way I work in Rugby.

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    Sorry to hear about the loss.

    Quote Originally Posted by GTJim View Post
    By the way I work in Rugby on ***** ***.
    Now more people will steal your tools ... you've now probably given enough information to acquire your address.
    Last edited by Jonathan; 22-09-2011 at 11:17 AM.

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    Thats where I work and not where my tools are Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTJim View Post
    Thats where I work and not where my tools are Lol.
    I gathered...
    (Interesting way of abbreviating Jonathan, not seen that one!)

    Recently we had some small items stolen - maybe £100 worth of bits that were listed at the time on eBay. My mum phoned the police and amazingly, at about 9pm, they immediately sent a policeman round to record the details and have a chat it seems. From what I gathered from talking to him your name, where you work and city you live in is sufficient for someone to work out where you live.
    I know the chances of it happening are minuscule, but you never know if something like that is what caused the recent burglary? Best to be safe I reckon and delete the location from the post...

    You're not so far away from me (Leicestershire) I think, so you're welcome to pop round ...

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