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    i was cutting a sample 3d part today just trying things out, roughed it out fine, changed tool and then started finishing. after a few cuts router basically lost position but the motors did not stall, it was as if it missed a couple of lines and then moved on. not sure what happened. anyone got any ideas

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    Trying to go too fast ?
    What do you have acceleration and velocity set to ?
    Also who breakout board are you using ?
    John S -

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    its a routout cnc breakout board. velocity set to 2000mm/min max. accellleration is set to about 0.25 seconds. the rest of the progrm ran fine it was just this one bit that did it so i don 't think the velocity/acceleration is a problem hopefully

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    feed in the program was 1500mm/min

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    Velocity and feed sound reasonable but acceleration sounds very high, might not be able to have time to move, try increasing the time.
    John S -

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    One way to see if it's going to stall is run something like this:

    G0 X0 Y0
    G0 X100 Y100
    G0 X0 Y0
    G0 X100 Y100
    G0 X0 Y0
    G0 X100 Y100
    G0 X0 Y0
    G0 X100 Y100

    Doing that clearly moves X and Y at maximum feed, then reverses ... so if the acceleration is wrong that's quite likely to stall it. My machine used to stall if I ran that code at 8m/min, then I changed the computer to a better one and it'll do that at 15m/min without stalling.

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    Best to put a G21 on the top line in case he's from the States :lol:
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Best to put a G21 on the top line in case he's from the States :lol:
    Nah, that'd be his own fault for using silly units and not having limit switches!

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    LOL !!
    John S -

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    npe i'm from uk, cornwall and i do have limits so it won't matter any way. i'll try turning the accelleration down a little.thanks

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