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    My previous version of the 45x90 Heavy KJN model was still wonky and somehow not aligned to the axes and therefore difficult to use, with my limited SketchUp knowledge.

    Have again started from scratch and uploaded another (final?) version and updated the previous links. My gawd... I have so much to learn... and that's just using SketchUp and getting the basic design done!

  2. When you want to draw a straight line (not wonky!) on axis make sure you hold down shift and check the line turns to the colour of the axis before typing a dim... The up, down, left, right controls on your keyboard also select the axis for you.

  3. The Following User Says Thank You to JoeHarris For This Useful Post:

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    I have uploaded some components to a 3D-Warehouse collection for MacTavish at Models by MacTavish - 3D Warehouse Search

    - 45x90 Heavy KJN extrusion - new improved (cleaner/fixed) version

    - 45x45 extrusion which is not accurate internally but I think is accurate externally

    - Ballscrew assembly for RM1605/RM1610

    These are certainly not perfect, but am sure they can help others get started in the same way that JCB121's components helped me get started.


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