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    hi all, ive just registered to the forum

    i do a little machining with work but nothing huge

    recently a bought a job lot off tools, i knew what a lot of it was but im having trouble with a final bit

    i think its a quick release collet tapping set up but im not entirely sure

    the markings are as follows:

    large main part/chuck

    bison s3

    the 3 collet sets

    m22 16x12.5
    m24 18x14.5
    m27 20x16

    ive googled it to to death but drawn a blank

    thank you in advance and i hope someone can shed some light

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    MT4 taper with a capacity of M14 to M33 and the three tap holders are for M22, M24 and M27 possibly a tad to big for 6BA

    See here.

    John S -

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    brilliant, thanks for the quick response:tup:

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