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    Seems my run of bad luck is continuing..! Got an EP002G1 psu from a fellow forum member, but I have measured 58.8v output unregulated..! I know this is much higher than it should be (42-46v on the spec sheet).
    This is too much for the drivers I am using which are limited at 50v (already blown one of them).. I know there are many out there that have these psu's and am wondering if there is anything I can do to 'dial' down the voltage? Will pop the cover off a bit later and see if there are any pots but this is like letting a road digger perform brain surgery and I would prefer some advice before rummaging around in it..


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    Are you just putting mains in and taking pos and neg out ?

    Reason I ask is I have used quite a few and done it this way and they have put 42 volts out, rock solid.

    If you feed a voltage into some of the pins you can vary the voltage but only higher. I just use 4 wires, two in, two out.
    John S -

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    See that red glow on the southern horizon? Thats me blushing with embarrassment.. Turns out the 'budget' pp3 battery in my multimeter is only kicking out 6v so it was making all the readings out... Sigh... New battery and voila, all the voltages measure as they should do..

    Sorry for flapping, will get on and bugger summat else up now...


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    I wondered why the sun was out in Swindon? LOL
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Clumsy bugger
    John S -

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    did you actually blow one of the motors??

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    Hi Mocha..

    Did not blow a motor, just an old driver that was only rated at 35v, and I put 43 into it.. Bought a Gecko g250x to replace it, but seems my luck is running consistently and this driver is dead.. Just waiting for a replacement now...


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    Quote Originally Posted by fasteddy View Post
    Bought a Gecko g250x to replace it, but seems my luck is running consistently and this driver is dead.. Just waiting for a replacement now...
    Why a 250?
    Surely a 251 with terminals/heatsink would be a better choice with less risk of it dying due to not installing it correctly?

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    How do you install one icorrectly?


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