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    The G250 needs to be isolated from whatever you bolt it to, and comes with a pin header for cable connections.
    The G251 comes bolted to an annodized heatsink which isolates it (hard annodizing is a good insulator), along with screw terminals to make wiring it up easier.

    Gecko sell the heatsink seperately for those who want to use the plug and play benefit of the G250, without having to worry about how they're going to isolate the driver.

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    Hi m_c

    I am using a Pentium heatsink and have it isolated with heatsink tape.. The pins are the same gauge as those found in PC's... I have made up a terminal block with shielded cable, heatshrink and the correct connectors (robbed from an old PC).. Its all good..! But I do agree that for an extra few quid, the G251x is a better bet, especially if you dont want to prat around with all those bits and bobs..


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    could we have a image of what you have done please steve

    James & Luke

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    Will receive the replacement tomorrow and will taken a pic or two then..


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