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    Hi All,

    I have a yellow 'SAFETY' message appear on the right hand side of the 'machine' window in eazicnc 3 just above the MDI window. Normally it is a green 'OK'. I have just pinched nut up, taken rocking out out of main spindle bearings. Spindle still turns freely. Any ideas?

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    Best to email the supplier, I assume that is Conqueror Design and Engineering Limited, they will reply pretty smatly.


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    Cheers Pete, I am a bit embarrassed to say I had the guard resting on the hair-trigger emergency stop button? Oops? Thanks for your concern.

    Next question. I am a complete novice and learning G-code programming without any previous experience. I plan to make some molds to lay up Carbon Fibre and would like to machine Numbers and letters in the mould. Are there any pre-written g-code programs that will control the machine to mill in different fonts. Obviously the code is font-size dependent, but maybe the code has a scale factor in the program?

    Any ideas?

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    Easycnc has text option built in, a bit blocky if memory serves.
    If you put them in the mold I think they will have to be 'backwards' as it were so as to read them positivley if you get my meaning.
    I have tried many ways to get a single line text in easycnc but so far have had no luck.
    Doing small text using outline is a bit of a time waster as the cutter keeps going over the same ground twice.
    Just play and see what you end up with


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