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    Without knowing the size (?) and application of your machine it is difficult to judge, but for most those steppers and drivers are a good choice. You can run those motors on 70V with the PM752 drivers to get better speed and acceleration, but if that is useful or not depends on the size of the machine. You will also need 4-core CY cable, 1.5mm^2 to go from the drivers to stepper motors and connectors for the motors, though those aren't critical. I have about 100m of cable, so let me know if you need any.

    Emergency stop switch
    Limit switches

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    Like the others have said it will work direct from the stick but if you plan to run really long code or do lots of 3D which usually creates large G-code files then best or safer if you save to the HD first then run.!
    Another thing is it's not hard to accidently knock the stick/cable out whilst it's running :whistling:

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    Don't be afraid to give EMC2 a try, it does a lot more than you think not just a free do nothing application. As for interfacing there also the MODIO or MODbus route (still costly).
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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