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    Jonathan...apparently your PM box is full!

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    Hank, please see below:

    This mount has been designed for use with the Kress range of spindles and will fit the 1050, 800 and the 530 models. It will also be suitable for any spindle that has a 43mm spigot, so an example would be the DeWalt Die Grinders.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	43mm_main.jpg 
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    - 30mm Aluminium
    - Centre Line: 57mm
    - Fixing Centre:90mm
    - Fixing Flange: 113mm W x 30mm H x 15mm T
    - Price 38

    I don’t know how much these guys are looking at for a custom mount, with one of these you could then get a simple rectangle plate machined to give you the centre's you need, bolting this mount to that plate. It MAY work out cheaper doing it this way.

    Let me know if you’re interested, I only have one left at the moment.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HankMcSpank View Post
    Jonathan...apparently your PM box is full!
    Oh not again...
    I'll delete some messages now.

    Feel free to email me if it happens again.

    Edit: Done
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    This is how I do mine, easy and very stiff:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Drawing to your dimensions. You could mill the front edge to make thinner, reduce bolt length etc. I would use studs made to length, not bolts.
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    Thanks guys...(& thanks Tom for taking the time to draw up what you did), the associated contracts have now been drawn up, signed/witnessed :lol: so I guess we can draw a line under this RFQ.

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    And here's the end result...

    (I took out Jonathan's original supplied socket head pinch bolt, as I needed to something to attach my auto zero croc clip too - therefore a longer bolt was pressed into service)

    A hearty thanks to Jonathan for an excellent service ....and clever design (wavy edges for more surface area), well made & delivered in a timely manner.

    In the end I had to design/make a backplate & 'upper mount' out of acrylic (it really needs to be ali plate, but I have no ali plate, and besides & it's likely beyond the cutting ability of my modest setup - what's the easiest type of ali to machine?).

    My very small CNC machine ony arrived yesterday....can you believe the first friggin part I made today, I cut into the bed!!! (there'll be plenty more where that came from - they reckon the leadscrew pitch is 1.2mm - I reckon it aint, but I should have checked first!!).

    You can see how my spindle dwarfs the whole machine though it looks worse in the photo than it actually is (you can now realise why I'm keen to get a different, smaller lighter spindle!) ....but even though it weighs 4kg, the supplied toy town-esque NEM 17 motors seem ok with it!

    Anyway, thanks once again to Jonathan!
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