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    I bought this late last year, fitted it then 6 months later converted to CNC.

    All the info on the display and scales is here (this is where I bought mine from)

    This includes 4 scales, two I used on the mill the other two where meant for the lathe but I never got around to fitting them.

    Also included are the mounts I made to attach this to my Optimum BF20.

    Standard Scales
    -Standard Scale Travel length -JCXE5:220mm, 8.7inch (Physical length:362mm, 14.3inch)
    -Standard Scale Travel length -JCXE5:520mm, 20.5inch (Physical length:662mm, 26.1inch)
    Slim Scales
    -Slim Scale Travel length -JCXF5:120mm, 4.7inch (Physical length:262mm, 10.3inch)
    -Slim Scale Travel length -JCXF5:220mm, 8.7inch (Physical length:362mm, 14.3inch)

    More images here, also of the installation on the mill

    Would prefer collection(I'm in east london), but can send at buyers cost.

    Asking 225 + shipping(if needed)

    please contact me


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