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  1. Hi all been absent for a while and am now back to trying to finish off my CNC machine and was wondering does anyone know where I can purchase 3 X Delrin lead nuts for some Trapezoidal 12mm diameter leadscrews ? If you can make some or know any leads please post away or PM me many thanks.

  2. Managed to buy some Delrin from E-Bay and was just wondering does anyone have a tap that I can borrow ? I'm sure I'll need a 12 X 3 trapezoidal one to get me going any helpers out there I would be greatly appreciative.

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    Hi, i will have a look because i used to sell these nuts on ebay. I dont think i've got a tap for Trapezoidal i think its just the ACME taps i had/used, will let you know shortly.


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    No sorry its just the ACME taps i've got, a search on ebay give's a nice list of sellers from around the world, not sure how good they would be coming from China/Hong Kong but would get 3 nuts done im sure.

    Failing buying one at those prices if some one or you have a spare length of Trapezoidal, you could make your own tap.


  5. Hi Lee many thanks for looking. I can't remember but someone on this board had one and was going to let me borrow it and then I was to post it back but can't remember for the life of me who it was LOL! nevermind my search will continue.

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    I think it was me who offered to lend you the trapezoidal 12X3 tap.
    PM me with your address and I'll post it to you,


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  8. Nathan many thanks for the offer and will use it with care and post it back ASAP and I'll send you a little something back as an appreciation for helping me out "CHEERS" I'll PM you my details and will notify you as soon as it arrives so you know its arrived ok.

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    Hi Kammo, I've tried to make my own tap out of a piece of 12x3 trapezoidal leadscrew (didn't really want to pay 40 plus for a tap for 3 nuts) but I think I've flattened the profile a bit when cutting a taper on it as it's very loose on the leadscrew.

    Nathan, any chance for a remuneration I could borrow the tap after Kammo?


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    I know this is a resurrection of an old thread but it may be of use again.

    The Z axis on my router has a trapezoidal thread with a delrin nut which managed to gain about 0.1mm backlash. I was finding it difficult to source the right flange nut to suit so I broke out the 'polymorph' (you can get it on ebay). Polymorph is a low melting point mouldable plastic. Here's a picture of the new polymorph nut.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RIMG0011 (Large).JPG 
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    I cast it in situ in the machine by clamping the z axis in position and then used the old nut screwed up form below to centralise the screw. Then using a blow torch, heated the machine frame & screw lightly to about 60degC (I did remove the limit switches first). I then spent about 5 mins kneading the polymorph down into the recess around the screw. Once I was happy I couldn't get anymore down I left it to cool. On cooling it does shrink back slightly so the new nut comes out of the aluminium housing quite easily & is quite tight on the shaft. I could screw it off though. Next step was using a craft knife, to slit the new nut. Then I inserted a slip of plastic into the cut to spread the nut and to make it a press fit into the aluminium housing. This made the nut quite a good fit to the screw, but I honed the two together using T-cut of all things. My Z axis has about 75mm of thread at the end which is never used so I used that part to hone. Once I had the perfect fit, I dropped the screw & nut into the ultrasonic tank to remove the cutting compound, oiled & rebuilt the machine. The results have been perfect but I will have to wait (hopefully much) longer to see how it wears over time. But certainly there is no backlash & the recess in the aluminium housing due to the shorter nut maintains a resevoir of thin oil.

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    Now that's clever. I thought polymorph was an alien life form on red dwarf.:whistling:
    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)

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