1. Has anybody ever come across straight shank ER20 or ER25 collet chucks for sale in the UK?

    I'm looking at options for some lathe tooling, and ER20 or 25 would be a good compromise for what I'm trying to acheive, however I've only found taper mounting chucks so far.

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    iv bought a couple of ER20 C10 100L from ebay (china).... 17:50 if my memory serves

    im not sure why you would want to buy them from the uk ?

  3. Speed of getting them.
    I know I can get them via ebay, but I could really do with at least one this week so I can get started on the next project.

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    Make your own? Worth a try if it's urgent...then you just need to get the nut which is available at arc euro.

  5. That is a plan, which is why I've ordered a complete chuck from Arc, along with a spare nut.

    I've just got that much stuff to do just now, I'm trying to find ways to speed things up, so I can try and meet some deadlines.

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