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    whats this ? i couldnt find anything on google
    Did you try it? I didn't think anyone would bother :heehee:

    I've found a couple of bugs since posting...

    1: If I open the gc.dxf with the al8.txt cut it chops the blooming thing in half :naughty:

    2: Windows XP doesn't take you back to c:\robin when you change files like Windows 7 does

    I'm on it.

    I only have the pendant in prototype right now. It has to be ultra simple to keep with the program 'zero learning curve' philosophy.

    When cutting Red pauses it, Green un-pauses it.

    When tool setting the XYZ Up Down buttons come into play. Green speeds it up, Red slows it down. The selected jog speed shows large on the screen because my eyesight is fading. It does 0.1, 1, 5 and 10 mm/s.

    For large moves you use the PC mouse. Left button the drawing and it moves there in XY. Right button the drawing and it asks before relocating the tool to that position in XY.

    For precise locations points you add circles to your drawing which show as red boxes on screen. Picking a red box picks the centre of the circle that created it.

    To set Z you get 2 buttons on screen. "Set Z" asks before relocating Z to the highest object in the drawing. "Lift" moves the tool vertically to 10mm above that. If 10mm is wrong, you can change it in the .txt file.

    I like my .txt files, they make it so simple to change the cut. Press "TXT File", right button the file then pick "Edit".

    If anyone has ideas to make this simpler I am open to suggestions.


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    Did you try it? I didn't think anyone would bother :heehee:
    strange boy !

    iv downloaded it but my win7 64bit sytem is at home (im out at the mo)
    it might not be usfull to me but im intruiged and i cant help thinking you might be onto somthing exciting

    maybe if you get it all squared away you could make it pay by selling the pendants

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    I just fixed the extra cut bug. A tiny trig rounding error meant an intersection at the end of an arc could be missed. Told it to accept plus minus 0.0001 radians and the extra cut evaporated like morning mist. Uploading a new zip is a pain, I'll wait 'til I find a really good un'. :naughty:

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