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    I appologise making a first post asking for help but hope someone can spare their time and knowledge.
    As part of my own hobby I am looking to get a bracket machined in aluminium but I only need one (or 4 depending on cost) As finding an original bracket is zero my only option is to get one made.I have sourced the drawings but not really sure who or where to get it done.
    So far I have obviously been approaching the wrong type of engineering company as all so far want to make them by the thousands.....understandable but not what I want or need.

    The bracket looks complicated to me,but have a pic of part of 1 of 2 sheets below -

    From this drawing could anyone advise if making a one off is feasable on CNC machining equipment or do I need to find someone who will make it 'by hand' ?

    Either way can anyone reccomend someone who may be willing to take the job on ?
    I'm afraid cost is a factor for me as as I'm not a multi national doing a prototype but appreciate it makes no difference for the poor bloke doing the job !

    Anyway I'm in Maidstone in Kent if that helps and can supply the 2 drawings (TIFF files at the momment) in any format Photoshop puts them out.

    Appologies to all if this all sounds a bit naive but any help or advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for your time,all the best Kevin

  2. What part on the drawing are we looking at Kevin, as its not ver clear. have you got a photo you could show us of an original?

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    AdCNC,thanks for your reply.The drawing just shows the bracket but different views and sections.
    The bracket is not available to show on it's own,I only have pictures of it attached to what it's fixed to.
    I have done my best to mask the photos below to only show the bracket.

    I hope this helps ?

    Many thanks , Kevin

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    Post the orginal pic of the drawing then I can open it in photoshop to see better.

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    As my post have to wait for a Mod to approve them there is a delay between my reply and being able to see it on the forum.
    Please bear with me.

    ATB Kevin

  7. Seem doable just with it being a bit of an oddball shape with quite a few features, thats what makes the price go up I'm afraid.

    Have you got other pictures to show what goes into that tapered dovetail?

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    This is the part that goes into the tapered dovetail.The recess in the bracket is to take a spung loaded tongue on this part which locks both assemlies together.
    I will upload the drawings in a bit.Serrated lever is the bottom.

    Many thanks Kevin

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    Drawings (originals are 2 meg TIFF format)

    ATB Kevin
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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