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    thank you for entring in my post

    I'm writing an en essey about my job as CNC Miller
    I want to write down more manufacturings possible made by the CNC miller or machine tools, or at list that has been assembled with some mechanical parts made from the machine tools industry,
    which we use everyday, like cars, motorbikes, bikes, I think also some kind of knives, armoured doors, strong boxes safe, montre (wristwatch), and could say also the moulds to make carters from cell phones, or glasses etc

    May yuo suggest me please more things made from machine tools?

    Any suggestion according this will be very gratefull

    thank you very much in advance for your help

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    Hi m8

    So what is this essay for??? Is it part of course work towards a qualification, part of your job?? Or what??

    If it's part of a course I don't mean to sound rude but you should get in the habit of spell checking your writing, because if one thing guaranteed to put off the examiners that read and mark the work is poor spelling and grammer.


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    Sherline lathe, Chester DB11V lathe, Myford/ Rodney mill, CNC mill Isel/ home made, Sealy Hack Saw, Meddings Pillar drill.

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    Hi, thank you for your reply
    basically I'm taking privet english lessons and my teacher asked me do write an essay about my job

    yes you right but I'm trying to lear english somehow
    so help me please thank you

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    That explains it, so no worries, but a useful tip if you have Microsoft word write stuff in that before posting and it will highlight spelling and grammar mistakes, which will help you, as with spelling the words are underlined in red, and when you right click gives you options, so you can then see how you spelt it and how it is spelt, which is a great help for spelling.

    As for your essay you would probably be better just writing down an average day, but explain what you do how you do it, and how long it takes etc, plus a bit of info on setting up and work placement etc.

    As your learning English, she probably wants to see how you write and structure your writing which will help her to help you.


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    thank you so much
    unfortunatelly I've got openOffice and some times doesn't work
    but you didn't reply at my post


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