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    Need help guys, routout 25 way d breakout board,msd880 stepper drivers,ps702 power supplys and 10mm threaded rod for leadscrews:rofl: i know but its temp.
    Need help setting up Mach 3 settings for pins n ports, im lost
    My other problem(to me) is all red lights r on on the drivers,no green lights lit up,am i doing somethig wrong, do i need to put +5 to breaker board or not and if so to where?

    any and all comments welcome:confused:

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    Red lights on drivers is bad ... either the drivers are broken (not likely) or they are connected wrong. Double check all the motor wire connections. With the drivers off the motors should spin freely - if they don't they're connected wrong.
    Breakout board wont make a difference to the lights on the drivers.

    What motors are you using?

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    do you have the enables set correctly

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    Page 23/24 of this may help you to identify the fault:


    The enables are active low, so as long as they are not connected it should work.

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    Cheers for quik response,
    Wiring setup,black/white n green/white together B-
    black n green together B+
    red/white n blue/white together A-
    red n white together A+

    Breakerboard setup is
    x axis pin 2 pul+,pin3 dir+
    y axis pin 4 pul+,pin5 dir+
    z axis pin 6 pul+,pin7 dir+

    Regarding mach3 pin port settings i havent really got a clue yet what settings to enter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toddy View Post
    Wiring setup,black/white n green/white together B-
    black n green together B+
    red/white n blue/white together A-
    red n white together A+
    That's wrong... you've got one coil on each phase backwards.

    • B- Green--Black/white
    • B+ Black--Green/white
    • A- Yellow--Red/white
    • A+ Red--Yellow/white

    Lucky your drivers are protected against wiring wrong!

    I'll post about the breakout board later if you need it... hopefully it'll all work once the wiring is sorted.
    Basically you look on the breakout board manual for which axis each pin is set to and enter those in the ports and pins setup in mach3. Then set the E-stop pin on the inputs tab otherwise nothing will work...

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    cheers jonathan that works great, but now a quik ?
    first time playing around with movement 5 mins ok, powered down switched of,went for cuppa
    went to switch on 5 mins later and the single psu running single driver went bang(nothing altered or touched).opened the psu and behold a small black chip on circuit board near to rear blew up---was it me or just bad luck,can i get new chip or what.(80quid a new one)

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