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    I suspect the answer is "no" but I'll ask anyway.

    I tend to build up materials for projects as an "opportunistic" thing. The timber for my new workbench was bought one piece at a time from B&Q (getting them to cut it to length as well) whenever I had a £10 that the wife had "written off" :whistling: If she knew I had it spare she would think of new and interesting ways to spend it for me.

    Does anyone know of anywhere in the Derby/Notts area that would let me wander in every now and then with £10 or £20 and walk out with some alu profile cut to length? I'd probably have most of the profile I need within a few weeks that way!

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    This is what i do but in lincoln, the last lot cost me 80 quid tho but i did have specific lenths and sizes

    Good look with your search mate, i find thats the best way to build up a nice supply

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    It's also a good way to build it up discretely. Having a delivery van turn up would only lead to raised eyebrows and being made to sleep on the sofa for a month!

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    Should be so much cheaper to get it all in one lot. Engineering companies generally dislike small orders.

    I think JohnS still has some...

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    Hmm, I replied to this thread yesterday but... it's gone?

    All your points are taken on board, thank you. I've been in contact with John S with interesting results.

    Jonathan, I would far prefer to buy at once as well. For a number of reasons that is not feasible in the short term so the "buy a little often" approach is much more likely to lead to a completed project! I'm hoping that by the time I have a decent solid frame in place, I'll be in a position to start making those big purchases.

    The Alu Profile site is bookmarked and very well browsed!

    I'd welcome any thoughts on the 40x40-based design thread as I prefer to be able to have the design in place before buying anything.

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    KJN are fantastic

    You can buy as much or as little as you wish NO min Orders and they will cut it for you for free

    and they cut it on a digital saw so it's accurate

    I have used them many times

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    I'm glad to hear about KJN, though I now have a pile of 40x40 to play with. Thread coming in a few days!

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