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    It's not cranking itself , but pulling back handle to unlock is painful as the spring is really strong- too strong.
    I didn't use a dividing plate, never really seen the point when the rotary table has a scale which just move to the right angle.

    Quote Originally Posted by wiatroda View Post
    What about making some macro with some loop working until machine cut desired amount of tooth???? some no. of tooth variable in a macro??
    If you use EMC you can do it in just a few lines of code as, unlike mach3, it supports loops. I just wrote a quick program to write the code for pulleys:

    The main reason I did that program was for milling XL pulleys using just a normal endmill, but you can use it with a form tool too.

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    Double post, deleted.
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    Ooooo! Nice! A nice spinner, Two more blades, a collective pitch head, free electricity? How about a Turners cube? In one go with an under cut tool like a dovetale. Or something on the same lines? Should keep you busy for a bit ;-)
    Sherline lathe, Chester DB11V lathe, Myford/ Rodney mill, CNC mill Isel/ home made, Sealy Hack Saw, Meddings Pillar drill.

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