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    Hiya to everyone, would be great to show you some economical and high value for money machines from China.

    Have a look and I welcome any questions/Enquires.


    and slowly creating www.gmcnc.co.uk (some examples of work done with a DM-1212F!)

    For example, The DM-1212F Machine:
    1200x1200x100mm working area
    2.2kw water cooled spindle
    German Ballscrew
    Linear Guide Y Axis
    NEMA 34 motors
    Aluminium 'T' slot table
    NCStudio control software
    Ucancam CAD/CAM Software

    Only thing required is a computer running Windows XP or earlier! And I can even supply that!


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    Hiya, Just to update; We have several of the machines above available for viewing and welcome anyone who may wish to come and have a look :)

    Note that any confirguration is possible, stepper motor to Servo, ballscrew to rack and pinion, table sizes, Z axis etc



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