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    Hi all,
    Thanks for a great site to get me into the world of cnc routing..
    as the title says i'm new to the cnc world of routing and would be interested in buying a second hand or poss new machine.
    i would be mostly looking at making sign's and 3D stuff. ( wood, plastics, etc)
    could do with a machine that could do approx 600 x 600
    any help in this would be apprieciated.

    all the best


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    Hiya, You could check out www.gmcnc.co.uk

    And welcome to a new person from a new person :)

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    Welcome. Tom
    Sherline lathe, Chester DB11V lathe, Myford/ Rodney mill, CNC mill Isel/ home made, Sealy Hack Saw, Meddings Pillar drill.

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    make your own or get some one like Jazz or Jonathan to make it for you

    what is your budget??

    James and Luke

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