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    Im considering the following for converting an SPG 2217 111LV to CNC. Ballscrews are on order (5mm pitch), but what about drivers and steppers?

    Thinking of either a gecko G540 or CNC4you 4.5A driver with their 4Nm steppers and the CNC4you breakout board.

    Id love some feedback from anyone who has used them.



  2. Im pretty sure things will be ok, as its owned by Lee who runs this forum!

    *** edit, would help if i read the post properly ignore what i just said lol

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    What size machine are you building? 10mm pitch screws might have been a better choice if it's not too late. Only guessing though, not enough information.

    Not sure about the drivers. Bit expensive for a 50V driver (compare it to eBay m542) unless there really is something special about it ... like vector current control. You'd have thought they'd advertise if it was something specific. 1Mhz pulse input is essentially useless for us. The gecko is very likely to be better, but it depends what you're using it for. Might be better but if you don't need that then there's no point, so save the money.

    The motors looks promising, don't think anyone on this forum has used the 4Nm motors. I almost bought a couple for my machine's X-axis to replace the 3Nm steppers, but decided it wasn't really worth it as it'd only make it go faster which doesn't really achieve much. The specifications for those motors look good ... try it and let us know! Run them on M752 / M880N or similar 70-80 volt drivers for best performance (>torque at >speed).

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    Here is a link to a build thread of a similar machine to the one ive ordered. I Just want to avoid shipping from the US from Kelling as the servos and power supply's cost so much because of the weight. Also would be good to support UK business (even if most of the stock seams to come from China!)

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    Ive just seen the DIYCNC website and their 5a system. This seems quite nice and maybe uk built?? There is then of course Gecko G540 but im not sure if this is powerful enough. SO many ways to go!!!!



  7. If your machine is like the X3, as the pictures in the link show, then the standard 1605 ballnut wont fit between the X and Y axis without modiftication.
    To solve this problem, then you will need to use a lower profile ballnut like the FSI of FDI type.

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    I beg to differ but I have recently fitted a long bed to an X3 using one of those standard 1605 ballscrews on the X axis but you do have to mount it differently.
    Not fitted one to the Y axis as it already had an existing ballscrew fitted.
    John S -

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    The machine is like a Grizzley G0704, not an X3 and you have to cut part of the ballnut away. It seems well documented on CNCzone (see link at top with drgs etc).

    However im struggling more with the steppers and Drivers. Most people over there are using Kelling drivers and 381/425oz direct drive steppers on x and y and 906oz direct stepper on Z, (and some only using a Gecko G540). I would like to know what the options are for kit from the UK that works as a package, its not worth importing from US with tax and shipping (weight of steppers and PSU) etc.

    Gary you should have an equiry from me via your website .



  10. I have just checked and with the FSI type that is fitted to mine there is less than 1mm either side of the ballnut (bottom and top) and the FSI has a difference in size to the FSU by 2mm, so maybe the X3 has changed a bit recently.
    Mine is about 4 years old.

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    Hi Gary

    You are correct about having to Cut/trim the ball nut, did you see the CNCzone link above, but its not an X3. Anyhow I thought you may have some ideas of stepper motors and drivers etc for me.:naughty:



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