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    I am really new to this.

    I have down loaded a clip art image of a lizard for my wife card display case/box that I'm going to be making in the new year (when my CNC is finished)

    and would like to convert it to a line drawing, but how ??

    I use vetric/punch and I know I can buy a photo program for engraving images but money is getting thin now.

    So the only choice I have is to import the image in to a back ground and draw over it, But this is going to take me days or even weeks is there a better/quicker way to do this for free.

    or even has any one got a program to change it to a DXF for me :whistling:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lizard art work.jpg 
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    what is scan to cad ??

    will this scan this image and convert it to a line drawing for me (I think this is a free program)

    James and Luke

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    Thank you chip

    but you have me wrong I want to send it to the CNC machine to cut the out line of the Lizard so I need to convert this clip art to a line drawing.


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    Look for a program that does 'vectorising'. Vectorising is converting an image to vectors, i.e. lines.

    I've done it with the CAD program I use, see attached... can fiddle with the settings for you a bit if that's not sufficient?

    lizard art work.dxf

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    Jonathan you'r my hero

    Thanks mate


    what cad program do you use ?? and is it free

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    Was just reading a similar question on a different forum and these 2 suggestions were made.



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    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    what cad program do you use ??
    Techsoft 2D Design V2:


    Easy to use, clear display - I think it's great.

    Quote Originally Posted by luke11cnc View Post
    and is it free

    I think you said Luke uses it at school? In which case he might be able to get you a copy? There's a student licence. I used it at school:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Turbine_AS.png 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WindTurbine9.5_All_Small.jpg 
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