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    Well on Sunday while driving to Jonathan's

    Luke and I where talking about our CNC machine and how it should be finish just before Christmas when he asked the question "can I draw in blender and cut it out on my CNC"

    this question took me quite by surprise and one he was thinking about different software and applications for his CNC Machine(don't forget he turned 11 last week)

    Now I don't know what he is wanting to make but the thing is, he is thinking out side the box.

    My reply was I think so but I will ask your friends on the forum to see if it can be done ??

    so is it possible to carve or cut from a object designed in blender

    so this post is not from Dad but from Luke

    Luke :heehee::heehee:

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    Most CAM programs accept *.DXF and/or *.STL files, and the following link says Blender does export in those formats ... so yes it looks like you can.


    Although interestingly it specifies *.DXF only in the '3D' section, so it may not support 2D *.dxf's. Try it and see...dxf is good for 2.5D work and STL for 3D profiles.

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    Thank you Jonathan he will be pleased

    I don't know what he has up his sleeve but I just know it's going to cost me an arm and a leg

    He is heavily in to mind craft/Pokermon so it's probably going to be a creeper or a Pokermon figure


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