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    I would like to wish all MYCNCUK members a very Merry Christmas

    and also with out your help I would be a failing father to my son.

    thanks to all that have helped with the Luke11cnc it will NOT be a project collecting dust in the corner of the garage but making lots and lots of it's own dust

    again a humble thank you and a Merry Christmas to all


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    Meryy Xmas mate.

    Sherline lathe, Chester DB11V lathe, Myford/ Rodney mill, CNC mill Isel/ home made, Sealy Hack Saw, Meddings Pillar drill.

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    James. from what I've seen of your project in your posts here, you're doing something absolutely awesome with your son.

    What ever stage you've reached with your project, you've got there by your willingness to take the first steps, having the courage to ask for help when you needed it and not letting pride get in the way of putting that help to good use.

    With or without a finished project, it already sounds like you're making a fine rolemodel!

    Merry Christmas :)

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    Merry Christmas everyone !

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